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Cakewalks, Rags and Novelties
on Cylinders and 78s

By Allan Sutton

Includes 98 historic recordings in MP3 format

ISBN 978-0-9825595-8-1

$49 (US & Canada)
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$55 (Elsewhere)
Includes Airmail

Mainspring Press Digital's first multimedia production, The Ragtime Discography combines text, images, and audio files to document the full spectrum of historic ragtime recordings.

Building on the author's 2003 Cakewalks, Rags and Novelties, this work has been expanded to cover records issued through the end of 78-rpm production. The existing entries have been updated based on newly discovered primary-source materials, and hundreds of U.S.
and foreign cylinders and 78s of all eras have been added.

The Ragtime Discography contains the most detailed discographic data to be found, largely from the original company recording files and catalogs. As a bonus, you'll find full-color reproductions of more than 50 rare sheet-music cover, along with 98 early ragtime recordings expertly digitized in MP3 format.

This Windows CD-ROM will run on all Windows PCs, as well as Mac OS-X computers or other Macs capable of reading Windows-format discs. We recommend a minimum 512mb of RAM.

Auto-start is disabled for Macs; the files can be opened directly from the desktop or directory on both Windows and Mac computers.

Abode Acrobat or Acrobat Reader is required. An MP3 player (Windows Media Player, QuickTime, iPod, etc.) is required to play
the audio files.

ALLAN SUTTON is the author or co-author of more than a dozen books on historic recordings and the American recording industry, including American Record Labels and Companies (1891–1943), Recording the 'Twenties and A Phonograph in Every Home. He is the winner 2006, 2007, and 2009 Awards for Excellence in Historical Recorded-Sound Research from the Association for Recorded Sound Collections.

MP3 Files Include:

Belle of the Philippines • Zonophone Concert Band (1904)
Bert Williams (Pacific Rag) • Jelly Roll Morton (1938)
Buffalo Rag • Vess L. Ossman (1909)
Castle House Rag • Europe's Society Orchestra (1914)
Charleston Rag (Sounds of Africa) • Eubie Blake (1921)
Delirious Rag • Harry Thomas (1916)
Frozen Bill • Arthur Pryor's Band (1909)
Grace and Beauty • Fred Van Eps (1924)
Happy Hobbs • Pablo Valenzuela's Orchestra (1907)
Harlem Strut • James P. Johnson (1921)
Hold 'Er, Newt (They're After Us) • "Shaw" (1924)
Jelly Roll • Anonymous Band (1915)
Junk Man Rag Medley • Fred Van Eps (1913)
Made in America • Paramount Symphony Orchestra (1917)
Mississippi Bubble • Vess L. Ossman (1903)
Mixed-Up Rag • Will Ezell (1928)


• Clarence M. Jones (c. 1923)
Motor Boat Rag • Fred Hager's Orchestra (1917)
Oh! That Yankiana Rag • Billy Murray & Chorus (1909)
Peaceful Henry • Edison Concert Band (1903)
Perman's Brooklyn Cakewalk • Anonymous German   Band & Chorus (c. 1908)
Ragged William • Regimental Band of the Republic (1905)
Ragtime Echoes • Sam Siegel & Marie Caveny (1919)
Ragtime Oriole
• Fred Van Eps (1924)
Red Pepper — A Spicy Rag • Fred Van Eps (1911)
Ross' Juba • "Blackface" Eddie Ross (1922)
Russian Rag • Jim Europe's "Hell Fighters" Band (1919)
The Unknown Blues • Fletcher Henderson (1921)
Watermelon Whispers • George Hamilton Green (1918)
Whistling Rufus • Vess L. Ossman (1903)                                   ...........................
and 68 more

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