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is the recipient of the 2010 Lifetime Achievement Award from the Association for Recorded Sound Collections. An internationally recognized expert on early Victor recordings, he served for more than two decades as an advisor to the Delaware State Museums' Eldridge Reeves Johnson Memorial, where he arranged for the acquisition of the Lynwood Heiges Collection of historic phonographs and recordings. He is currently an advisor to The Victor Project at the University of California–Santa Barbara. His extensive publication list includes Caruso Records: A History and Discography, the two-volume Victor Red Seal Discography, and an ever-growing number of volumes in Mainspring Press' ongoing Victor Discography Series ... Read more

TIM BROOKS is the author of the multiple award winning Lost Sounds: Blacks and the Birth of the Recording Industry, 1890-1919 (2004), co-author of The Columbia Master Book Discography (1999), and author of numerous articles about the history of the recording industry. He received a Grammy in 2007 for the CD version of Lost Sounds. A past president of the Association for Recorded Sound Collections, he received that organization's Lifetime Achievement Award in 2004. He was for many years a senior executive in the television industry and has written several widely-used books about television history. His first Mainspring book, Little Wonder Records and Bubble Books, has recently been released. Many of his articles are available at

WILLIAM R. BRYANT was a major figure in the discograpghical field at the time of his sudden death in 1995. He wrote for New Amberola Graphic and other specialist publications, co-authored Oxford and Silvertone Records (with Martin Bryan), and was a major contributor to Ethnic Music on Records, The Encyclopedic Discography of Victor Records, and The Columbia Master Book Discography. In 2011 Mainspring Press acquired his archival materials and the rights to complete and publish his unfinished manuscripts.

PAUL CHAROSH is a former lecturer in the Department of Sociology of Brooklyn College, and is a renowned expert on Berliner and other early sound recordings. He has published widely on American music of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and is co-editor (with Robert Fremont) of Song Hits of the Century. The original edition of his Berliner Gramophone Records was published in 1995.

KURT NAUCK is the proprietor of Nauck's Vintage Records (, the largest company in the world dealing exclusively in historic 78-rpm & cylinder recordings. His articles have appeared in numerous publications including the New Amberola Graphic, For the Record, Discoveries, Capitolium, ARSC Journal, and Talking Machine Review. He has also authored, co-authored, or contributed to several important books, including Note the Notes: An Illustrated History of the Columbia Record Label; the American Record Label Image Encyclopedia; The Collector's Guide to Victor Records; American Record Labels & Companies: An Encyclopedia (1891-1943); and a forthcoming discography of Indestructible and U-S Everlasting cylinders.Kurt is active in the Association for Recorded Sound Collections, having served as Chair of the Dealers' Committee, Conference Manager and President of the Texas ARSC Chapter ... Read more

BRIAN RUST's death in early 2011 was a great loss to the collecting and research communities. The recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Association for Recorded Sound Collections, Brian was widely regarded as the “father of modern discography." He was best known for his classic Jazz Records (1897–1942), the Sixth Edition of which is available as a Mainspring CD-ROM. He published numerous articles and important reference works after retiring from the BBC in 1960. His legacy will be continued by Mainspring Press, to which he assigned exclusive rights to produce all subsequent revisions and editions of Jazz Records.

MICHAEL W. SHERMAN is the author of the highly acclaimed Collector's Guide to Victor Records, a new expanded edition of which is now available from Mainspring Press. He is co-author with Kurt Nauck of Note the Notes: An Illustrated History of the Columbia Record Label. A resident of the Los Angeles area, he is a professional numismatist, and is the founder of Monarch Record Enterprises.

MERLE SPRINZEN has amassed what is probably the world’s most complete collection of Little Wonder records, Bubble Books and related materials and ephemera. Her research into the history of the label is documented on her website ( Merle is a senior marketing and business strategist and angel investor. She has spent more than 25 years developing global business-to-business marketing and sales strategies for business services, media, publishing and telecommunications companies seeking growth. Merle earned her PhD from Harvard University while a National Science Foundation Fellow. She also holds a Bachelor’s degree, summa cum laude, from Oberlin College. Her first Mainspring book, with Tim Brooks, is Little Wonder Records and Bubble Books, which was recently released.

ALLAN SUTTON is the recipient of the 2013 Lifetime Achievement Award from the Association for Recorded Sound Collections. He wrote and edited for several publishers, including Greenwood Press, ABC-Clio, and Fulcrum Books,

before founding Mainspring Press in 1999. He has authored or co-authored numerous works on early recordings and the sound-recording industry, including Recording the 'Twenties and A Phonograph in Every Home. In addition to his work on sound recordings, his photographs and articles covering American historical sites and wilderness areas have appeared in Backpacker, Historic Traveler, America's Civil War, Pennsylvania Magazine, National Wildlife Federation books, and other publications. A native of Baltimore, he lives in Colorado with his wife Jill and their golden retrievers Carrie and Rocky.

ALEX VAN DER TUUK, a native of the Netherlands, has gained an international reputation in recent years as a researcher of the Paramount label and early blues recordings. He has contributed widely to such magazines as Doctor Jazz, Blues and Rhythm, Vintage Jazz Mart, and 78 Quarterly. His first book, Paramount’s Rise and Fall, was published by Mainspring Press in 2003 and has been featured on "The History Detectives" (PBS). He is currently compiling a Paramount master discography, among other works.

RAYMOND WILE is a widely published expert on the early American recording industry, and the recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Association for Recorded Sound Collections. A resident of New York, his scholarly articles chronicling the earliest days of the recording industry have appeared in the ARSC Journal and other periodicals since the 1960s.

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