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Revised and Expanded Edition

Edison Blue Amberol

Complete U.S., Special, and Foreign Issues
(1912 - 1929)

Compiled from original Edison source materials
Allan Sutton

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7" x 10" hardcover
(cloth library binding)
448 pages • 24 illustratations

ISBN No. 978-0-9825595-0-5

This new edition Includes an expanded, illustrated historical introduction and user's guide; artist and title indexes; and Diamond Disc and wax Amberol cross-indexes.

The latest edition of Edison Blue Amberol Cylinders has been expanded to include listings for all foreign-series releases, as well as additional private and special-use cylinders.

Compiled from the original Edison company files and Edison National Historic Site database, much of this material has not been previously accessible to the general public and appears in print here for the first time. New features of this edition include:

  • Revised recording and/or release dates and recording locations from Edison archival materials
  • Additional details on remakes, alternate versions, cancelled numbers, and direct-versus-dubbed issues
  • Full personnel of vocal backing groups; plus newly added details on instrumental accompanists, band vocalists, conductors, arrangers, artist pseudonyms, uncredited performers, and medley contents
  • Disc takes used in the production of dubbed cylinders, and data for the corresponding wax Amberol and Diamond Disc releases
  • Expanded listings for private and special-use recordings, including the Ediphone, Kinetophone, and Panama-Pacific cylinders, private issues for Thomas Edison and Henry Ford, and more.

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