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"John Bolig continues to raise the bar, setting new standards in discographical work"
The Record Collector (UK)

Victor Discography Series

The Victor Red Seal Discography
Volume II: Double-Sided Series to 1930

By John R. Bolig
Winner, 2010 ARSC Lifetime Achievement Award

7" x 10" hardcover
(cloth library binding)
624 pages, illustrated

ISBN 0-9772735-5-5

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The Victor Discography

"A 'must-have' reference for the collector, discographer, and institutional librarian.  
The Record Collector (UK)


The second installment in Mainspring's Red Seal Discography Series covers all double-sided discs and albums issued through 1929, including coupled reissues of single-sided releases and pressings from imported masters.

As with all volumes in the series, data are transcribed from the original Victor and Gramophone Company files and correlated with the original discs and catalogs, ensuring a high degree of completeness and accuracy. Features include:

  • Recording and dubbing dates, and recording and relay locations
  • Release dates and duration in catalog
  • Matrix, take, and dubbing numbers
  • Accompanists, conductors, and group personnel as listed in the original files
  • All corresponding U.S. and foreign 78 issues
  • Contents of all Orthophonic album sets
  • Composer credits
  • Artist, title, and coupling indexes
  • Illustrated historical introduction

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"What distinguishes this discography is that the information originates entirely from original sources... It's simply a 'must-have' reference for the collector, discographer, and institutional librarian. John Bolig continues to raise the bar, setting new standards in discographical work." — The Record Collector (UK)

"A carefully prepared work... The true enthusiast cannot manage without all the resources mentioned here." — ARSC Journal

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