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American Record Corporation Master
Recording Dates,
1929 - 1938


Compiled from original ARC source materials
Allan Sutton

American Record Crp. Master Recording Dates - Banner, Brunswick, Oriole, Melotone, etc.

6 x 9" quality paperback
188 pages

ISBN # 978-0-9852004-3-5

Note: This title is a quick-reference guide, not a complete discography. It includes only master numbers (and takes, in the case of remake sessions), recording locations, and recording dates.

Newly compiled from the original ARC source materials, this 188-page guide provides exact recording dates (month, day and year) for more than 21,000 individual master numbers, beginning with ARC’s founding in January 1929 and continuing through its acquisition by CBS at the end of 1938.

This affordable quality-paperback edition covers the main New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles series; the many regional series (Augusta, Dallas, El Paso, Fort Worth, Hattiesburg, Hot Springs, Jackson, San Antonio, et al.); the early ARC "control-number" equivalents; and even Irving Mills’ special Master / Variety Records matrix series.

To preserve the integrity of the original data, this guide contains no speculative or undocumented material from previously published works.

The guide can be used to accurately date ARC masters (including remakes) issued on the dozens of labels the company owned, controlled, or supplied during its ten-year existence, including:

ARC Theater Record • Banner • Bernardo • Broadway • Brunswick (from early 1931) • Cameo (from early 1929) • Challenge • Collectors Record Shop • Columbia & Columbia Master Works (from mid-1934) • Commodore • Conqueror • Fox Movietone • Gospel Herald • Gramophone Shop Varieties • Hollywood (Fox version) • Homestead • Hot Record Society • Jewel • Liberty Music Shops • Lincoln (from early 1929) • Master • Mel-O-Dee • Melotone (from early 1931) • Okeh (beginning mid-1934) • Oriole • Pathé (U.S., from early 1929) • Perfect (from early 1929) • Regal • Romeo (from early 1929) • Roycroft • Shamrock Store • U.H.C.A. • Variety (Master Records version) • Vocalion (from early 1931)

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