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Berliner Gramophone
Records in America

A New Discography by
Paul Charosh

Berliner Gramophone Records Discography - Paul Charosh

7" x 10" quality softcover
280 pages, Illustrated

ISBN # 978-0-9852004-1-1

Paul Charosh is a widely published researcher of historic sound recordings and nineteenth-century American popular music. A retired educator, he taught for many years in the Sociology and Computer Information Science Departments at Brooklyn College.

Emile Berliner’s gramophone was a revolutionary device, a machine that played flat discs rather than cylinders. Ultimately Berliner’s concept won out over the cylinder and provided a firm foundation for the new American recording industry.

Gramophone advertising boated that it would bring the voices of celebrities into people’s homes, and recordings were offered by the likes of “Buffalo Bill” Cody and some early Broadway stars. Much of the catalog, however, comprised recordings by pioneer studio performers who left us a fascinating snapshot of American musical life in the 1890s.

Berliner Gramophone Records in America adds substantial data to the author’s previous edition. Features include:

  • Recording locations and dates
  • Remakes and alternate versions
  • Composer and stage credits
  • User's Guide
  • 24 pages of rare Berliner ephemera
  • Artist and title index

Berliner Gramophone Records is an essential reference for archivists and advanced collectors, as well as a fascinating book for anyone interested in nineteenth-century American popular culture.

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