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A Phonograph in
Every Home

The Evolution of the American
Recording Industry, 1900–1919

By Allan Sutton
Winner of the 2013 ARSC Lifetime Achievement Award

"In the burgeoning field of teaching sound-recording history, Sutton's work will be a boon"
ARSC Journal

"Appeals to anyone interested in music and early twentieth-century pop culture"
Book News

A Phonograph in Every Home: Evolution of the American Recording Industry 1900-1919

6" x 9" quality softcover
328 pages • 100 Illustrations

ISBN #978-0-9825595-2-9

A Phonograph in Every Home traces the development of the American recording industry as the phonograph evolved from a scientific curiosity and parlor toy into a ubiquitous home-entertainment device.

Like its companion volumes in the Evolution of American Recording series, this work draws on rare primary-source material to dispel commonly accepted myths and misinformation. It provides a detailed and carefully documented overview of the full spectrum of American recording activities during its formative years.

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Table of Contents

Preface • A Note on Usage • Introduction

1 •  The Berliner–Victor Succession (1900–1901)
2 •  Columbia Enters the Disc Market (1900–1902)
3 •  Zon-O-Phone in Transition (1901–1905)
4 •  The Evolution of the Cylinder (1900–1905)
5 •  Perfecting the Cylinder (1906–1912)
6 •  Refining the Disc (1905–1910)
7 •  The Infringers (1903–1906)
8 •  Eliminating the Competition (1906–1910)
9 •  The Record Pirates (1900–1910)
10 • The Premium Schemes (1902–1916)
11 • Studio Artists and Stage Stars (1900–1919)
12 • “A Red Circular Label” (1903–1905)
13 • The Opera Wars (1906–1912)
14 • Growing the Classical Market (1912–1919)
15 • Records for a Nation of Immigrants (1900–1919)
16 • Diamond Discs and the Decline of the Blue Amberol (1910–1914)
17 • Testing the Vertical-Cut Market (1910–1914)
18 • The Vertical-Cut Boom (1914–1919)
19 • The Miniature-Record Fad (1914–1918)
20 • Copyright and the Phonograph Industry (1900–1919)
21 • Mergers and Acquisitions (1903–1919)
22 • Making the Movie Talk (1900–1910)
23 • The Kinetophone and Beyond (1910–1919)
24 • The Dancing Craze (1914–1917)
25 • The Dawn of the Jazz Age (1917–1919)
26 • The Phonograph Goes to War (1914–1918)
27 • Peace, Prosperity, and the Phonograph Boom (1919)

Subject Index • Title Index

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