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The Caruso Archive / Photo Feature


Rare photographs of the legendary tenor in his leisure time, from the G. G. Bain Collection of the Library of Congress

Full details of Caruso's recordings and recording career can be found in John Bolig's
Caruso Records: A History and Discography
, from Mainspring Press.

Enrico Caruso - NY cafe, date unknown

Caruso at an unidentified cafe, probably in New York, c. late 1910s


Caruso on a fishing trip

On a fishing trip, c. late 1910s


Caruso sings at an outdoor concert

Performing at an outdoor concert, c. 1919


Caruso sketches for charity at the Southampton (New York) Fair,
August 3, 1920. His last Victor records were made just a little over a month later.


Caruso's wedding party on the roof of the Knickerbocker Hotel (New York),
August 20, 1918. Left to right: Bruno Zirato (Caruso's personal assistant),
Dorothy Caruso, Enrico Caruso, Mrs. J. S. Keith.


On May 28, 1921, an ailing Caruso sailed for Italy with wife Dorothy
and daughter Gloria aboard the S.S. Presidente Wilson.
He died in Naples on August 3, 1921.


The G. G. Bain News Service produced several poster mockups for Caruso's Victor records. "Domine Deus" was recorded at Caruso's last session, on September 16, 1920.


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